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Contemporary Relational Gestalt Therapy — Advanced training


Relational Gestalt Therapy with Lynne Jacobs

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Exploring and experiencing the Intersubjective Field

24-25-26 June 2022

Lynne Jacobs, Ph.D., Psy-i0 D., is a Gestalt therapist and co-founder of the Pacific Gestalt Institute (PGI) in Los Angeles (CA. USA) where she teaches and supervises. She is also a psychoanalyst, teacher and supervisor at the Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis (ICP) in Los Angeles.
In her book The Healing Relationship in Gestalt Therapy: A Dialogic-Self Psychological Approach (1995) (co-authored with R. Hycner) and through her teaching she has greatly contributed to anchoring Gestalt Therapy in a relational perspective.

Gestalt therapy with its fundamental concept of field and the theory of intersubjective systems with its notion of intersubjective field both highlight the inextricable intertwining of our emotional lives.
The full consideration of this field both removes the stable landmarks of Cartesian objectivity and at the same time allows us to consider therapy from a new angle. In this perspective, the therapist’s task is to become fully involved at the emotional level in an exchange that is best able to recognize the profound meanings of the patient’s experience in the actuality of what is lived together during the session.

In the midst of such complexity, what will be the new benchmarks to guide practice and support emotional regulation that is often undermined?

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Objectives of this Master Class

The aim of this seminar is to provide sensitive reference points to guide the participants’ field practice as well as to help them to support emotional regulation in a dialogical setting.

  • To understand and develop the therapist’s dialogic sensitivity as a source of confirmation/restoration of the sense of dignity of his patients.
  • To be able to engage in the experience of being recognized by the other and to recognize him/her in the therapeutic process
  • To be able to identify the clinical implications of authentic therapist-patient dialogue
  • To be able to identify ways to support the therapist’s dialogical attitude when he is in difficulty.

This experiential seminar is a unique opportunity to work with a therapist with as much clinical sensitivity as precision and theoretical depth.

Langage: English with simultaneous translation into french - Limited number of places

Practical Information

Bulletin d’inscription Jacobs

Dates: Friday 23, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 April 2021
Start time: Friday 9:30 am
End time: Sunday 5pm
Location: Paris - to be defined
Price: 585 €.

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