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Contemporary Relational Gestalt Therapy — Advanced training

ONLINE Therapy: working with body processes

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WEBINAR with Julianne Appel-Opper

Body processes in online therapy

How do bodies speak? How can we open these embodied stories to further exploration in online therapy? — 27 of February 2021

  • The therapist and the client can be seated in two different geographical locations. They are not in the same room, do not share the same air. Yet there is an evolving field online in which the two living bodies move around each other. Facial expressions, tone of voice, gestures and small movements circulate in both directions, thus speaking without words.
  • During this one-day seminar we will explore our own way of being embodied. Questions such as: "What do I breath/absorb/accept from the other living body as we speak? ", "How do we move each other?" will guide us towards a deeper exploration of the ongoing communication of our bodies with each other.
  • In a supervised setting, we will focus on inter-body patterns, the aesthetics of the background, the embodied field, the rhythms and melodies of body-to-body communication. We will examine possible interventions and experiences.

Drawing on her long experience as a psychotherapist and trainer in both face-to-face and online work, Julianne Appel-Opper wants to provide a safe and respectful space for the exploration of these processes through exercises, experimental work and small group work.


limited number of places available

Date: Saturday 27 February 2021
Timetable: 10h-11h30 / break/ 12h-13h30 /break/ 14h30-16h /break/ 16h30-18h)
Duration: 6 hours of training

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